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Hillary Met with Protests over Foreign Policy and Criminal Justice in Ba...

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton is only up 2 points on Bernie Sanders nationally? Be skeptical. - The Washington Post

Hillary Clinton is only up 2 points on Bernie Sanders nationally? Be skeptical. - The Washington Post: "Hillary Clinton is only up 2 points on Bernie Sanders nationally? Be skeptical.
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Wisconsin votes on Tuesday. Stay caught up with the race.
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Trump’s nonsensical claim he can eliminate $19 trillion in debt in eight years
Of all the wildly impossible assertions made by Donald Trump, the notion that he could eliminate the nation’s $19 trillion in debt in just eight years ranks near the top. Trump suggests he can manage this feat simply by cutting better trade deals.

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Woodward on his 'very unusual' Trump interview
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Wisconsin GOP polling averages
Ted Cruz: 40%
Cruz looks positioned to be successful in the state, according to Real Clear Politics.
Donald Trump: 33%
Trump may earn fewer than half of the delegates in Wisconsin.
John Kasich: 19%
Kasich seems to have picked up some votes from dropout candidates.
Wisconsin Democratic polling averages
It's a tight race in Wisconsin for the Democrats, according to Real Clear Politics polling averages. But Sanders would have to win by a lot to make a dent in Clinton's delegate lead.
47% 45%
What's at stake in the Wisconsin primary
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The upcoming voting schedule
April 5
Wisconsin holds its primaries.

April 9
Wyoming holds it Democratic caucuses.

April 19
New York holds it primaries.

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Campaign 2016

State of the 2016 race
By Philip Bump February 5
Since Real Clear Politics started compiling national polls for the 2016 Democratic nomination contest -- which it started doing in December 2012 -- Hillary Clinton's lead over all potential opponents was usually over 40 points. Then usually over 20, once Bernie Sanders started to surge, and as of last month, over 10. The closest any poll had the race was an Investor's Business Daily poll from a month ago, showing Clinton up four."


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